"If it’s soulmate, it is not supposed to end, right? It is not supposed to happened twice in a life time?"
- Antoine

Café de Flore


Healing a broken heart isn’t easy. Sometimes it takes a lifetime…or two. Cafe de Flore is a love story about people separated by time and place but connected in profound and mysterious ways. Atmospheric, fantastical, tragic and hopeful, the film chronicles the parallel fates of Jacqueline, a young mother with a disabled son in 1960s Paris, and Antoine, a recently-divorced, successful DJ in present day Montreal. What binds the two stories together is love – euphoric, obsessive, tragic, youthful, timeless love.

Canada, France, 2011
Drama, 120min

Café de Flore


Vanessa Paradis
Kevin Parent
Hélène Florent
Evelyne Brochu
Marin Gerrier
Alice Dubois
Evelyne de la Chenelière
Michel Dumont


Director and Screenwriter: Jean-Marc Vallée
Producers: Pierre Even and Marie-Claude Poulin
Co-Producers: Jean-Marc Vallée, Nicolas Copperman
Jean-Yves Robin and Vanessa Fourgeaud


Director of Photography: Pierre  Cottereau
Production Designer: Patrice Vermette
Editor: Jean-Marc Vallée
Sound: Martin Pinsonnault and Jean Minondo
Costume Designer: Ginette Magny and Emmanuelle Youchnowski
Casting: Emanuelle Beaugrand-Champagne
Nathalie Boutrie and Constance Demontoy
Still Photographer: Sébastien Raymond

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Café de Flore

Festivals and Awards

Venice Days – Mostra
Official selection

Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award
Best Canadian Film

Director Guild of Canada
Nominated for Production Design, Feature Film (Patrice Vermette)

Genies Awards – Academy of Cinema and Television
Winner for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Vanessa Paradis)
Winner for Best Achievement in Visual Effects (Martin Pensa, Sylvain Theroux
Nathalie Tremblay, Luc Sansfacon, Eric Normandin, Marc Cote, Stephanie Broussaud
Gary Chuntz, Cynthia Mourou and Vincent Dudouet)
Winner for Best Achievement in Make-Up (Christiane Fattori and Frédéric Marin)
Nominated for Best Screenplay, Original (Jean-Marc Vallée)
Nominated for Best Achievement in Sound Editing (Luc Raymond, Mireille Morin
Simon Meilleur, Martin Pinsonnault and Blaise Blanchier)
Nominated for Best Achievement in Direction (Jean-Marc Vallée)
Nominated for Best Achievement in Art Direction/Production Design (Patrice Vermette)
Nominated for Best Motion Picture (Pierre Even, Jean-Marc Vallée and Marie-Claude Poulin)

Québec Cinéma – Jutra
Winner for Best Actress, Vanessa Paradis
Winner for Best Cinematographer – Pierre Cottereau
Winner for Best Art direction – Patrice Vermette
Nominated – Best direction, Jean-Marc Vallée
Nominated for Best Makeup
Nominated for Best Hair
Most Illustrated Film Outside Quebec

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TIFF – Toronto International Film Festival
Special presentation

Festival de la Ville de Québec
Opening Film

Atlantic Film Festival
Winner for Best Canadian feature film

Cinéma du Québec à Paris
Opening Film

Filmekimi – Film Festival in Turkey
Official selection

Festival de cinéma de la Ville de Québec
Opening Film

Ciné-Festival de Lausanne-Prilly
Official selection

Windsor International Film Festival
Official selection

Whistler Film Festival
Official selection

Palm Springs Film Festival
Official selection

Goteborg IFF
Official selection

Cine 7 – Festival du Film de Sept-Îles
Official selection

Cinoche – Festival du Film International de Baie-Comeau
Winner for Best Film and Best Director Jean-Marc Vallée

Portland IFF
Official selection

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival
Official selection

Film Fest OSLO
Official selection

Official selection

Okinawa Film Festival
Official selection

Belmont World
Official selection

Golden Horse Fantastic in Taiwan
Official selection

CPH PIX Film Festival Denmark
Official selection