"I wish every day didn't have to start and end in chaos."
- Marco

Marco & Polo Go Round


Marco Polo Go Round is a comedic love story with a very surreal twist. The user is invited to participate in a couple’s relationship as their world literally falls apart around them.

It is the morning of Marco’s 32nd birthday and he is confronted by his girlfriend, Polo, who has questions about the future of their relationship. By the end of the day, gravity itself will have turned their world upside down.

Canada, Belgium, 2021
Fiction, Virtual reality experience, 12min
2D short film, 14min


The project uses several approaches and technologies in real time, including volumetric capture of actors, motion capture, and physics and fluid simulations. The art direction, inspired in part by the style of artist David Hockney, required a colossal amount of work in terms of modeling and textures and gives the spectators the impression of being inside a living, three-dimensional painting.

Marco & Polo Go Round


Léane Labrèche-Dor
Emmanuel Schwartz


Scriptwriters: Benjamin Steiger Levine & Gregory Adam Kaufmam
Director: Benjamin Steiger Levine
Producers: Audrey Pacart, Paul-E. Audet and Pierre Even
Associate producer: Jeannette Garcia
Co-producer: Alain-Gilles Viellevoye
International Sales VR: Diversion cinema
International Sales Film 2D: Premium Films
Arte France : Distributor in France


Studio: DPT, Nicolas S. Roy, Hugues Bruyère, Samuel Walker, Cindy Ou, Louis TB
Composer: Yves Gourmeur
Artistic director: Nicolas S. Roy
Production director: Mathieu Fecteau
Innovation director: Hugues Bruyere
Animation: Zest Studio
Sound Design: Cosounder
Marco & Polo Go Round

Festivals and awards



Nominated at Numix Awards 2022
Nominated at IDEA 2022
Stereopsia EUROPE 2021 – Best Creative XR – Crystal Owl Awards
Kaohsiung XR Dreamland 2021 – VR Golden Fireball Award
FNC Explore 2021 – Most Innovative 6DOF
360VR Festival 2021 – Best VR Short Film Award
GIFFMX 2021 – Mejor Narrativa Visual de Realidad Virtual


XR@Annecy 2022 – VR Works – Competition
Clermont ISFF 2022 – Selection
Festival Regard
LP360: VR Salon – Selection
Gabès Cinéma Fen 2022 – VR Corner
LuxFilmFest 2022 – VR Pavilion – VR Competition
Brussels Virtual Week 2022 – Selection
Stereopsia EUROPE 2021 – Crystal Owl Awards
GIFF 2021 – Territoires Virtuels – International Competition
Kaohsiung XR Dreamland 2021 – VR Competition
VRE FEST 2021 – VR Interactive
FNC Explore 2021 – VR Projects – Horizon
Bolton Film Festival 2021 – VR & 360
360VR Festival 2021 – Competition
GIFFMX 2021 – Animation
FEFFS Strasbourg 2021 – VR Corner
Sandbox 2021 – Selection
BIFAN 2021 Beyond Reality – Official Selection
Tribeca Immersive 2021 – Virtual Arcade
NewImages 2021 – XR Competition



Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival 2022
International Short Film Festival In The Palace 2022
Regard, Chicoutimi 2022
Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma