"I wish every day didn't have to start and end in chaos."
- Marco

Marco & Polo Go Round

Marco Polo Go Round is a comedic love story with a very surreal twist. The user is invited to participate in a couple’s relationship as their world literally falls apart around them.

It is the morning of Marco’s 32nd birthday and he is confronted by his girlfriend, Polo, who has questions about the future of their relationship. By the end of the day, gravity itself will have turned their world upside down.

Canada, Belgium, 2021

Fiction, Virtual reality experience, 12min

Scriptwriters: Benjamin Steiger Levine & Gregory Adam Kaufman
Director: Benjamin Steiger Levine
Producers: Audrey Pacart, Paul-E. Audet and Pierre Even
Co-producer: Alain-Gilles Viellevoye

International Distribution Company: Diversion cinema

Key Collaborators: DPT, Nicolas S. Roy, Hugues Bruyère, Samuel Walker, Cindy Ou, Louis TB

Composer: Yves Gourmeur 

Animation: Zest Studio 

Sound Design: Cosounder